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Most sales professionals use presentations and know about PowerPoint (eg. PowerPoint 2010) but we found they only skimmed the surface of PowerPoint presentation potential. It takes time and great design skills to deliver a winning company presentation with multimedia design incorporating Flash animation. We have a great deal of experience in sales presentation design including professional charts, graphs, diagrams, animations, annual reports, finance presentations, new product launches, exhibition, conference and trade show events.

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Corporate PPT Presentation Agency in Mumbai:

Each of our PowerPoint presentations is bespoke, designed to be uniquely individual to one business, not templates. We are proud of our designs but unlike many presentation designers, we respect client confidentiality and do not share their presentations publicly. PowerPoint presentations are also one of the most powerful tools you’ve ever had at your disposal. Sales presentations, marketing presentations and investor presentations all have the power to move, influence and engage audiences like no other medium.

Effervescent specializes in a personalised approach.

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