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An envelope is a common packaging item, usually made of thin flat material. It is designed to contain a flat object, such as a letter or card.

Looking for attention grabbing envelope that will surely get the attract lots of people easily. With Effervescent, you will surely get the expected promotional results. Have it ever entered your mind why do you need noticeable envelopes to achieve the promotional results you expect. Adding contact information and logo on the envelope is not enough. If you want to get the attention of the receiver‚ your envelope must possess an outstanding design

In your communication through direct mailers to customers, you should add a professional touch by using customized printing of envelopes. A customized designed envelope not only enhances and reinforces your brand image it also conveys a professional and uniform look to your business correspondence, and greatly increases the chance that your customer will read what’s inside.

Envelopes are commonly use in mailings ("where envelopes carries a letter"), envelope, check, invoice or other light paper stuff. Since envelopes are frequently use to send light paper stuff, design of envelope has considerable effect on the presentation of the package.

Our Designing professionals have designed envelopes for a large numbers of corporates including Letterhead design for Real Estate, Financial Organizations, Stocks, Hotels and Health Care, Travel Agencies, Hospitals and many more verticals.

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Type of Envelopes:

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 Envelope Redesign Solutions Hyderabad   Window Envelopes
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 Envelope Redesign Solutions Hyderabad   Customised Envelopes

Envelope Design Essential Guidelines:

Envelope design is crucial to sales letter success. Without an attractive and profesionally designed envelope your letters will never get opened. The best envelope designers know what it takes to keep your envelopes from being lost in the junk mail clutter, to get noticed and opened so your prospects will read your letter and become customers.

For the uninitiated, here are some envelope design essentials that motivate response:

1. Know the purpose:

Designing envelopes for friends and family gift cards is one thing; designing envelopes for corporate identity or for a direct sales letter is entirely different. Gift card envelopes are going to be opened because the recipients know the sender on a personal level, while business-oriented communications are often sent to potential customers who are not that familiar with the sender.

If you're designing for corporate identity, your design must convey an image that represents your firm. If you're designing for direct response, your envelope design must be targeted to the audience and offer. Before you sit down to conceptualize your envelope design, make sure you understand the purpose of the communication within the envelope.

2. Keep it Simple:

Your envelope design should be simple and easy to read.

Envelopes do not benefit from cluttered space. For a corporate identity envelope, a simple logo in the return address area is sufficient. You can also add a logo on the back. You can add a splash of style with shapes or flowing lines, or by applying a shade or gradient to the envelope.

When it comes to direct-response sales letters, your envelopes should speak directly to the target audience. Dramatic imagery, highlighted copy and an offer/call to action work well together on envelopes, as long as they're not cluttered. If you were designing an envelope for a company that sells dog treats, for example, you might depict a happy dog enjoying a treat alongside a bold headline: "Get a FREE Slice of Heaven for Man's Best Friend - Open Now to Learn How."

3. Be Brighter:

It's no secret that bright, vivid colors grab attention better than dull hues. Keeping this in mind, your full-color envelope design should immediately stand out in the mailbox through the use of color. This isn't to say your design should be gaudy - only that it should be instantly noticed. Your first job is to get noticed; your second job is to motivate customers to open the envelope.

4. Follow the rules:

Every post office and a professional courier company has specific standards for bulk and first-class mail. Whether you're mailing with metered postage or with an indicia, you need to make sure your envelope follows the proper format. You also need to make sure your envelope follows printing guidelines such as folds and safe area.


Website Redesign Solutions Nepal  Envelope Design - File Format Submission:

All business card designs are made available in Adobe Illustrator (.AI), CorelDraw (.CDR), Adobe InDesign CS (.INDD) & MS Word (.Doc) file format along with Hi-resolution CMYK (.TIFF), (.EPS), (.PSD), (.JPG) image format.


Benefits of designing an Envelope with Effervescent:

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