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Media planning is generally the task of a media agency and entails finding the most appropriate media products for a client's brand or product. The job of media planning involves several areas of expertise that the media planner uses to determine what the best combination of media is to achieve the given marketing campaign objectives. Media are a crucial part of any advertising campaign. Selecting the most effective media gets the advertising message across to the intended target group. Media are also the most expensive part of advertising campaigns.
Now more then ever online media properties are combining their products and offering more powerful multi-platform packages that create increased branding power and buying efficiencies. Though our central focus is with online media, our media buying team always remain on the lookout for convergence possibilities and can take advantage of opportunities across a media property's entire spectrum of outreach vehicles including website placements, email, direct mail, print, event sponsorships, broadcast and more.

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Media Planning and Buying:

Effervescent is configured to meet the current and emerging market needs, we offer complete turnkey solutions in conventional and traditional media, out of home, below the line, activation, retail, rural, experiential marketing, entertainment marketing, new media, digital and interactive media, sports marketing, sponsorships & endorsements.

Effervescent specializes in effectively understanding our clients businesses and their objectives; combining great service, independent advice and tailored media strategies and executions to ensure they best reach consumers. Online Media Planning is the process of determining where, when and how to advertise online, based on your target audience, objectives and budget. The market for online media planning is relatively new, growing quickly and changing rapidly. Advertising through online media allows marketers to access this dynamic relationship, targeting advertising, messaging and offers with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency. Online advertising puts products and services, as well as immediate contact and conversion, just a click away from potential customers. Brands, offers and products can all combine online in a highly focused moment when consumers are devoting their undivided attention.

The Internet is literally where targeting and timing intersect. We help clients initiate contact with prospective customers in the online space during the most opportune times of their personal and professional lives. Our online media plans reach into life stages, buying and business cycles and behavioral moments that provide immediate results, ROI and marketing intelligence.

Media Planning Agency in India
Media Planning Agency

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