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Effective Sales and Marketing deliver customers to your business, but your Customer Support department keeps them with you for the long haul.

With the costs of acquiring new customers 15 to 20 times higher than retaining existing customers, customer support automation solutions designed to help foster lasting relationships with your customers have a measurable impact on the bottom line.

Effervescent SalesMax customer support software provides your customer support teams with a complete view of all customer interactions so they can better support your customers, along with powerful customer support automation and knowledge base capabilities for tracking, managing, and resolving product support issues.

From advanced service ticket management and return management tools to robust reporting and business analytics capabilities, Effervescent SalesMax puts you in control of your customers experience. From powerful capabilities that empower reps to quickly answer customer questions, and resolve issues or requests, to reporting and tracking capabilities that enable you to measure your team’s success, Effervescent SalesMax customer support software takes you beyond the traditional boundaries of customer support software.

Manage, streamline, and respond to customer needs with Effervescent SalesMax

Get a Complete View of Your Customers

With Effervescent SalesMax you get a complete view of your customers’ relationships with your organization in a single easy-to-use interface. Track your customers’ interactions while providing your team with all the details they need to service your customers well.

Streamlined Support Center Activities

Effervescent SalesMax customer support automation provides advanced issue tracking and resolution tools, enabling you to exceed customer expectations and internal performance goals. Manage call and defect tracking, service contract renewals, and returns. Effervescent SalesMax customer support software also provides escalation alerts via phone, e-mail, or pager, based on business rules you define

Empower Customers with Convenient Options

Empower your customers to get the support they need 24/7 with the Effervescent SalesMax Self-service Web Portal and enhance your customer’s experience while reducing support costs. Your customers can view, add, or edit service tickets and submit comments or attachments via the Web – plus they can search your knowledge base for answers to their questions.

Whether you’re a software company that meticulously tracks bugs and feature requests, or an appliance manufacturer concerned with efficiently managing returns, with Effervescent SalesMax customer support automation software, your support team will have the resources it needs to quickly resolve issues and build lasting and profitable customer relationships.

Uncover Sales Opportunities

With Effervescent SalesMax customer service automation software, your reps get instant access to account status, shipping information, pricing, and the ability to generate quotes, helping them to uncover hidden sales opportunities for add-on business with your existing customers.

Effervescent SalesMax SUPPORT KEY FEATURES

  Account & Contact Management  
  Ticket Management  
  Service Contract Management  
  Knowledge Base  
  Standard Problems & Resolutions  
  Asset Management  
  Notification & Alerts  
  Web Customer Portal  
  Defect Tracking  
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