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Brand Consultancy Services

Effervescent Communications are leading branding consultants in India and we provide analysis, solutions, and general marketing expertise to help companies to be successfully visible, extend outreach and sell their products.

We typically provide our b2b services to corporates, small and medium business houses, management consulting firms or other associated advertising agencies and interact with a client company's corporate communication team, brand managers or marketing heads.

We as branding consultants combine strategic thinking with creativity and deep understanding of branding, marketing, advertising, copywriting, neuromarketing, psychology, design, target audience, demographics, and sociology.

One should not mix visual identity with the brand because the brand is what people think of your product/company and visual identity is just a tool in creating brand-image. Any branding tool should be firmly grounded in the brand strategy.

    The main task of branding-consultant should be to:

  • evaluate the situation
  • determine the problem
  • listen to the client's vision
  • assess real needs
  • explain to the client what are the problems and what should be done to change how people perceive, think and act about a particular brand.

Branding is a strategic discipline by that meaning that it's always about outperforming the competition. Brands do not compete only with brands of other products and services - brands mainly compete for consumers attention, mind- and heart-share. The main goal of branding is CLIENT LOYALTY, the ability to generate sales and repeat purchases. Best brands convert customers to fans, advocates and evangelists.

Our responsibility as your brand consultant is to be the captain of your success journey because clients very often have limited time and knowledge in the field.