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Most of the internet users worldiwde access the internet via state of the art portable gadgets like laptops, I-Pad, Tablets and mobile handheld devices. Hence, now it is becoming very vital for business owners to ensure that their websites are compatible with all handheld portable devices. Mobile phones use mobile websites for internet connectivity. Effervescent offers responsive website designing services so users can be able to browse the websites on all portable devices. Responsive websites have different screen sizes and display resolutions. Our team of web designers and developers invest their efforts in identifying various commmonly used handheld portable devices to access the internet theese days and accordingly develop and format the content to be compatible in various screen resolutions compatible on various mobile versions of web browsers.

What does this change mean for web design?

This will mean that web designers will need to be taking a few additional efforts involved with check the compatibility to optimise designs and content for smaller screens and gadgets. Optimising content for the smaller screen shouldn’t be a big a deal as at the moment to encompass a bigger audience the target for a fixed width design is 960px for most new handheld devices this should display perfectly fine.

Why it is necessary to design the website for multiple handheld devices?

According to a recent survey done by Neilson Ratings two third of 67% of mobile users aged 16 - 24 have a smart phone. These are the techy who are more aware about the internet and decision makers in most of the cases. India is the second largest telecom network in the world and second largest with respect to wireless connections. The number of smart phone and tablet pc like iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab users is of course on the rise but it might take a significant amount of time to lure users into making an investment into a smartphone. Imagine if the number of smartphone owners rises to a significant amount, We are saying 50-60% of the total mobile phones sold, the possibilities for growth are endless. Access to Facebook and WhatsApp via mobile mobile browser grew 112% in the past year, while mobile Twitter and Instagram access experienced a multifold jump. Also according to AdMob Smart Phone users contribute to 30% of WAP Ad Impression in India.


for the first time we have had a change in input device from the humble but very effective mouse to the finger. The finger is somewhat larger then the pointer of a mouse, this growth in our pointing device means we have to pay particular attention to our navigation size making sure there is enough room for even the most think fingered people to click the correct link. I know from experience how frustrating it can be trying to click links that are to close together.

Spread Out Navigation

Just like a mobile phone, going minimalistic is the way with your navigation. Users can make repetitive mistakes while trying to access a particular section because of the proximity of the navigation links. Buttons which are well spaced are in use to avoid touch errors. General tips and best practices that work well for responsive website design work with most of the gadgets too. Clear and legible text with correct font size, simplified navigation schemes and proper button sizes all help while users are at work using a portable handheld device.

Flash is No More "Flashy"

HTML 5 is the preferred replacement option for flash. Apple no longer develops devices that support Flash and proposes HTML 5 as the solution for video and other media embedding. Many websites like CNET have already moved towards HTML 5 and flashh has already become obsolete now

Adaptive Design

Most portable handheld device users let users browse content vertically as well as horizontally. To appear properly in both these orientations, it is important that a technique called adaptive CSS is used which dynamically changes the margins based on the orientation of viewing.


Responsive Website Designer in Mumbai

Theres also the age old discussion of liquid layouts, static layouts, above the fold, below the fold and scrolling etc to consider! Rest assured tablets are set to be used more like a magazine or newpaper for reading current updates and e-books so you can expect web design to move towards this style and orientation too.

With this in mind white pages and magazine style website blocks are going to be a useful design technique using subtle and side based animated content bringing the users experience to life within that page by zooming out larger graphics, animations or videos with tools such as lightbox popups to ensure the user doesn’t have to leave the page their on to see related content.

Media and animation will need to be embedded subtly bringing each page subtly and smartly to life, enhancing but not distracting from the ever important content.

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