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Effervescent Technologies is a Web Development company based in Mumbai India focused mainly into Web development, website designing and SEO. Talking of Web development, we focus primarily on PHP and MySQL and Windows Dot.NET and MS SQL on the technology side. However today PHP and MYSQL has evolved to such an extent that there are many open source (and paid) tools and frameworks in PHP available and ready for use. We specialize in such tools as well. To give you an idea, we specialize in Paid Ecommerce tools like Interspire Shopping Cart and CS Cart and Open Source Ecommerce tools like Magento and OSCommerce. We also work in PHP based CMS tools like Drupal, CMSMadeSimple and Wordpress. Tools like Drupal and Wordpress stand in the forefront of CMS web development.

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Website development stages:

To begin with, there has to be a platform or a base on which the website is to be created. Different computer languages such as HTML, ASP, XML and PHP provide this platform. These languages enable the developer to create a unique layout on which different website blocks are to be placed. Basically, these languages provide a plan for building a website.Once a layout is ready,the website blocks or the real content for the website is created. This can include images, graphics, animations, text, interactive hyperlinks, advertisements, etc. These website blocks or the content of the website play an important role in the overall look and appearance of the website. Creating attractive and appealing content is the job of designers as well as content developers. These designers use various tools and software such as Flash, RSS, CGI, Javascript or ZEND Optimiser to help them in the overall designing process. These website designing tools and software give a dynamic look to the website.

Lastly, a complete website needs to be hosted on the Internet and this is done by assigning an IP address to it. This IP address helps in making your website accessible on the World Wide Web. The IP address along with the url name becomes the unique identifying factor for your website in the virtual world.

Special Icing on the pastry:
Apart from these basic website development processes there are a few other legitimate processes that are important from the business point of view. Search engine optimization, search engine marketing and website promotion are a few of these that help your website to get noticed on the Internet and eventually, help your business grow. Search engine optimization is one such process that can help you market and promote your business by returning favourable search term results on search engines. The higher your website ranks in the search engine listings, the more traffic it attracts and the more chances you get of attracting clients for your business. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is to search for a good website development company to develop your website.

Each Web browser is slightly different and shows Web pages in slightly different ways. Some are friendlier to certain Web languages than others, and so Web application development can be quite specialized.

A Web programmer must keep this variability in mind when designing Web pages. Some browsers are certainly more prevalent than others, and many programmers focus on such markets exclusively, figuring that their time will be well spent because their target audience is the majority anyway; however, especially with consumer-based websites, you never know where your next high-paying customer is going to come from and what browser he or she will use to try to view your Web page. Many practitioners of Web application development design pages using open source code or keep things simple in order to maximize the pages' exposure.

One of the most basic types of Web application development involves e-commerce sites. This is the kind of website you see when you shop online. Designers of these sites must anticipate all kinds of unusual customer behavior, as well as heavy traffic, while keeping the server and "shopping cart" up and running.

The ease of online shopping has created an "always-on" environment in which people can shop at all times of the day and night, wherever they are. E-commerce sites must be available to accept orders and money no matter what time it is at corporate headquarters. Web application development can lend itself specifically to e-commerce site creation, but the programmer would do well to keep the 24/7 mentality of potential customers in mind.

Another kind of Web application development is used for Web-based office applications. Many offices nowadays use the World Wide Web to conduct their business operations, including all manner of accounting and tracking functions. Conference calls via the Web are also popular, as are file transfers. Web application development for all of these practices is specific and in high demand.

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