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What is Web Designing?
A web site is a collection of information about a particular topic or subject. Web site design is defined as the arrangement and creation of web pages that in turn make up a web site. A web page consists of information for which the website is designed and developed. For example, a web site might be compared to a book, where each page of the book is a web page.

The first step towards web site designing is to decide the theme of the website and freeze on the structure of the website. A website typically consists of text and images. The first page of a website is known as the Home page or Index. Each web page within a website is an HTML file which has its own URL. After each web page is created, they are typically linked together using a navigation menu composed of hyper links.

Once a website is completed, it must be published or uploaded in order to be viewable to the public over the internet. This is done using an FTP client. Once published, the webmaster may use a variety of techniques to increase the traffic, or hits, that the website receives. This may include submitting the website to a search engine such as Google or Yahoo, exchanging links with other websites, creating affiliations with similar websites, etc. While designing a website the guidelines laid down by search engines should be followed. This will help in faster indexing of the website in search engines.
History of Web Designing?
The History of Web Designing has evolved over a matter of one and a half decades as of now. Website designing was previously a matter of debate as to whether it was he job of a programmer or a designer. After the initial hype over the website media and a confused phase of both developers and clients, web communication today has evolved as one of the most diversified and successful medium of of advertisement and knowledge outsourcing. However, the history of web designing germinated from CERN, a renowned physics institute, where Tim Berners Lee was working. The credit of development of the WWW goes to this man.

Web 1.0 – That Geocities & Hotmail era was all about read-only content and static HTML websites. People preferred navigating the web through link directories of Yahoo! and Dmoz.

Web 2.0 – This is about user-generated content and the read-write web. People are consuming as well as contributing information through blogs or sites like Flickr, YouTube, Digg, etc. The line dividing a consumer and content publisher is increasingly getting blurred in the Web 2.0 era.

Web 3.0 – This will be about semantic web (or the meaning of data), personalization (e.g. iGoogle), intelligent search and behavioral advertising among other things.
To lead in the world of business, a website is an absolute must. Website design entails organized and specialized techniques with the aid of highly developed technologies to facilitate your website to be the most competent business. Web design is about much more than creating a design that is fresh and appealing. Any web site that is to become unbeaten as a sales and marketing tool requires being intuitive and simple to use and attracting visitors.

Lets view some Mock-Ups:

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