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 SMM (Social Media Marketing and Networking)

Social Network Marketing is the Gold Standard for all budding e-Marketers’ who ply on the World Wide Web; This gutsy yet solid medium is applied effectively to eulogize a brand magnifying it’s image manifold through consistent, dedicated and organized effort.

We, at Effervescent are fully aware of this new trend that is oozing out of the network marketing grapevine and all our efforts have been focused on providing noticeable Social Media Marketing services to companies. To keep the reputation of on line companies intact & to market the products & services offered Effervescent team of die hard search marketing fanatics give their best in terms of efficiency and deliverance in every facet of Social Media Marketing.

The online marketing tools crafted by Effervescent towards Social Network Services comprises of all the ingredients that are much needed for this new domain called Social Media Marketing. All energies are diverted by us in building on line communities comprising people of varied professions as well as business owners who want a platform on which they can express their knowledge and expertise. The sharing of interests and activities create synergy carving a new path of holistic progress with communication and interaction.

Effervescent will work diligently towards creating millions of profiles & will endeavor towards setting up accounts bringing in an array of contacts, links and relationships to the forefront. We will strive towards erecting fresh groups and in the same vein subscribe to existing groups so that a greater involvement of people is achieved.

What is Effervescent SMO?

Effervescent® SMO is a comprehensive online Social Media Optimization solution designed for Today’s evolving Internet marketing environment. The solution is such designed that it significantly reduces both the cost of marketing online as well as increases the brands / company’s presence on the Internet. Its comprehensive set of features, managed facilities and services helps improve a brands visibility and increase traffic on the website and make it a HUGE success.

SMO Objective
Once the target market and target audience is defined correctly, the next step is to define the objectives to be achieved. The objective can be to increase brand awareness, to help consumers in decision making about buying a product or service, to provide after sales service and support. Understanding the SMO objective is crucial as all the efforts of the SMO process will be directed in delivering the said objectives. Also the efforts required can only be quantified once the objectives are in place.

SMO Strategy
The main difference between a Social Media and others is that, you can’t buy "reach" on the Social Web, the only way is to build and grow it. Yes one can advertise on Social websites, but then it’s a paid form and consumers react to them as advertisements only. So the strategies of Social Media need to be decided initially in a very clear way. The SMO strategies and communication needs to be transparent so that it’s clear as to who has written a particular content, a customer, the company, a reviewer or any one else. This will help to build trust and confidence in the minds of consumer or reader or viewer.

Effervescent will serve your every requirement and considering the stage that your project is in will device a compelling Social Networking strategy for delivering scalable solutions for your e-Marketing campaigns.

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