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Web analytics is the process of quantifying the behavior of a website’s visitors. Web analytics have become a very important part of e-commerce since they can show the website owner which landing pages are effective in convincing people to subscribe to services or purchase the company’s products. Web analytics can also be used to monitor and analyze how well a website is achieving its goals.

Google Analytics Consulting Services

We provides a full range of Web analytics services to organizations that want to maximize the value they get from Google Analytics.

Metrics Planning Our services start with an understanding of your organization and thedefinition of the key performance indicators that will provide the highest value to your team. The proper KPIs let you understand the health of your site at any time and direct you to take proper actions that help you achieve your business objectives. Our team works closely with key stake holders and managers to understand analytics needs of your website and perform an initial technical/business scoping of the project.

Google Analytics Implementation We provide a full range of advanced Google Analytics implementations, utilizing our best practices across industry verticals. This is to ensure that your Google Analytics implementation is collecting the right data points from the get go. We have the skills necessary to implement Google Analytics across any platform, including dynamic sites, and RIA sites such as those built using Flash, Flex and Ajax.

We work closely with your internal I.T teams and technology vendors to relay and operationalize implementation of google analytics. Our team performs detailed requirements gathering processes and develops technical requirements documents and implementation documents for correct and efficient implementation of google analytics on your websites.

Our team offers ongoing technical support and live calls to help trouble shoot implementation issues and offer expert consultancy services.


Google Analytics Configuration

In addition to instrumenting your site with Google Analytics, we will configure your Google Analytics account for proper reporting.

This includes setting up the appropriate goals and funnels, segments and dashboards, filtering out internal traffic, creating the proper settings for development and QA, and ignoring the unnecessary query string parameters. Our team also offers ongoing support in terms of configuration modifications and additional profile creations in order to support continues website optimization efforts.

Google Analytics Implementation Testing
Our team performs a formal audit of all onsite tagging implementation for all our clients. Detailed testing and auditing documentation are circulated to clients and agencies confirming approval of onsite analytics implementation

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See the money coming to your website with Effervescent’s Web Analytics services.

We know the worth of your every dollar spent and to make it evident that you have invested it right, our web analytics services go along with you end-to- end. Effervescent’s web analytics services are to enable you to fine tune your marketing strategy and to ensure overall success in optimization campaign. Keep an eye on your improved share of market, your return on investment and sales conversions with our web analytics system installed on your website for absolutely free.

What you get in our web analytics services?

Effervescent’s web analytics services have been divided into two components:

Off-site web analytics
On-site web analytics

Off-site web analytics services are rendered right in the beginning of the optimization campaign. Our off-site web analytics confer web measurement of SEO potential of your website before the implementation of optimization strategy. This analysis comprises study of full URL depth, Individual page’s PR, back-link count, traffic log analysis and web master setup.

On-site web analytics services incline upon tracking the foot paths of visitors on your website. This analysis includes detecting both drivers and conversions for example which landing page encourages your visitors to make a purchase and which landing pages need to be corroborated. Our experts keep watch on the performance of your website throughout the campaign and strategy is ameliorated in accordance.

What web analytics contributes to your website?

Web analytics keeps a watch on performance of your website on search engine along with measuring journey of visitors on your website. With web analytics program of Effervescent you can:

Track visitor’s footfall on your website.
Differentiate organic search from Pay Per Click.
Relish accelerated sales conversions.

Can your business afford waiting any longer for this strong tool?

Understand the search report:

Know where your traffic is coming from: This is vital for any business to know how people are searching for a particular product or services. Analytics report about most potential keywords helps you to craft your strategy to boost worthy traffic to your website. Worthy traffic mean the visits which eventually turn into conversions.

Where your website stands for potent keywords: Our web analytics report will regularly keep you updated about the most potential and less potential keywords with their search volume. Search volume indicates how many people search through this keyword in a day. Our experts owe obligation to intimate you how visible your website is on search engines when someone searches with these keywords.

We invite you to be vigilant upon our performance and watch the money coming to your website.