Website Redesign Process
Website Re-design and Re-development Process for Existing Websites  

This process shows you our methodology for re-building any website, whether new or a revised website. If you are looking to design, build or develop a new website then consider following these stages in your project plan.

Your Starting Point:
OK, so you have decided you need a new website. Well our first question is usually, “Are you sure you really need a completely new website?”
We then ask you a barrage of insightful and thoughtful questions to help elicit the rationale behind the new website project, the objectives for the new site and the measures of success.

Once we have a good idea of where you want to go, we can help you get there!

Our Starting Point:
We then start by analysing your current website and looking at what works well and what does not work so well.
We ask you what you think?
We ask your visitors what they think?

Then we let our search engineers and designers get under the covers of your current website. They start a systematic analysis of how your current website performs across a range of items; this is what we call SEO for Website Redesign and Redevelopment.

We take you through some questionnaires, we look at your server logs and website analysis stats software, and we run some of our suite of online SEO tools across your site and the major search engines and your competitors' sites so we can identify how you are currently performing.

We use all this data to build a better blueprint for your website build. You can also use this data as a set of benchmarking and performance indicators to measure the success of the project and how good a job we do for you.

Once we have all this data and we have agreed a clear brief then we follow the following design methodology for your web design project.

Website Redesign Process

Website Redesign Considerations

Your website redesign process should consider more than just a fresh look. Your website redesign process is an opportunity to improve the user experience by adding or enhancing the tools and functionalities that can increase on-site conversions and improve your sales.

We offer a free website redesign planning guide. Our website redesign plan can help you to qualify potential design and development firms, to organize your website redesign project, and provide website redesign tips. If you do not have a defined scope-of-work or requirements you will get an "apples and oranges" mix of website redesign proposals. Additionally, if you leave items out of your website redesign RFP you could get some expensive change orders. Typically, clients do not have the knowledge to analyze and compare website redesign proposals, and make their decision on price alone - usually with disappointing results. Be sure to download our website redesign planning guide to get your website redesign process started on the right path.

We have worked with clients in a wide variety of business disciplines to provide not just website redesigns, but a fresh and strategic approach to find and engage prospects. Contact us to request a website redesign proposal.

Does your website have updated information on your company, products or services?

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We shall make sure your website passes through strict quality standards.

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Today, you can find a web designer on almost any street. With some basic knowledge these struggling amateurs start their business trying out their newly learned designing skills straight out of a design school. Now, if you are designing or even redesigning your website from these amateurs or inexperienced designers, you cannot expect good results. Hence, always choose skilled professionals for redesigning your website. These professionals have an in-depth knowledge of the industry and the market and you are in safe hands with guaranteed return on investments.